About Fight for Silence

Hello! My name is Guillermo Carone, and I’ve been on a quest against noise since 2010, when I moved from the calm and quiet Barcelona, to the vibrant and noisy New York City.

I’m an architect and urbanist by training, so I know the important role cities play in society. I also know that a “healthy” city can be the place where people and ideas flourish and evolve, while an “unhealthy” one can quickly decline and perish. It’s a fine line, and noise is one of the variables pushing us towards the side of that line we don’t want to go to.

My goal with this blog is to put together and share some of the knowledge I’ve picked up over the years regarding noise pollution and how it affects our daily lives.

I also want to bring on other people into this project, people way smarter than me, whom I’m sure will be able to raise other questions, find different answers, and help us all see things through different lenses. Because sound pollution isn’t something anyone can tackle alone. It involves physics, mechanics, urbanism, politics, economics… and my belief is that only by attempting to understand all the parts involved we might be able to work together towards a solution.

About the Writers

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Hello! My name is Alayna Doyal. I’m both a writer and an editor. I studied neuroscience and psychology in college, but after changing career paths, I ultimately found my true calling, that being digital marketing and content creation. I love interacting with people, learning about human behavior, and making the world a better place through words.
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This article was a collaborative effort by the Fight for Silence team, a group of like-minded noise fighters with experience in fields such as physics, construction, medicine, law, and more. You can read more about us and our mission here.
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Hi! I am Garima Pandey, a practicing lawyer trying to bring positive change to the society we live in. I’ve run various legal aid camps and often take on cases on a Pro Bono Basis. On a personal note, I love to travel, play sports and experience the vibrancy of different cultures.
Ian Camp. Author at Fight for Silence
Ian Camp is a graduate from UMass Amherst with a Bachelor’s in Physics, and an interest in a wide array of topics ranging from STEM to sound design to creative writing and beyond. He is currently professionally involved in science outreach programs.
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Hi! My name is Jordan Bentley. I’m an ecologist, conservationist, and watershed manager with over 20 years of experience in natural resource stewardship. My passion lies in the interactions between the military and the natural environment. My expertise spans across a range of fields, including wildlife biology, restoration ecology, and environmental policy. I am committed to family, community and nature.
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Hello! My name is Leonid Karadjinov. I am a medical doctor working in the hearing aid industry as a practicing audiologist. I see the damage that long-term noise exposure does to people and their hearing on a daily basis. I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures, socializing, doing all kinds of sports, and of course, helping people with their medical needs.
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Sheridan Walter is a medical doctor passionate about advancing the well-being of individuals and communities. With a master’s degree in applied ethics, Sheridan enjoys exploring complex issues related to healthcare and social justice and is committed to engaging in critical dialogue to promote positive change.
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I’m W. Dan Bell, a semi-retired attorney living in North Carolina. I am married with two daughters. I enjoy traveling, through-hiking in the UK, writing, spending time with my family, and playing Texas Holdem.
Guillermo Carone. Author at Fight for Silence
Hi there! My name is Guillermo Carone, I’m an architect and urbanist by training, and I’ve been on a quest against noise since 2010, when I moved from the calm and quiet Barcelona, to the vibrant and noisy New York City. I have a special interest in how cities evolve and how to keep them a place for society to thrive.