How to file a noise complaint in Las Vegas

A row of Block 16 establishments showing The Gem, Arizona Club, Red Onion and Arcade, among others, taken some time between 1905 and 1915. (UNLV Special Collection)

Las Vegas has outgrown some of its steamy past by becoming a major metropolis spreading over three jurisdictions which include the casinos of The Strip and Fremont Street and 20 official wilderness areas.

Growth like this inevitably brings with it many urban problems, including, but not limited to, noise pollution.

Where in Las Vegas?

Residents who feel like they have reason to file a noise complaint must first determine where exactly do they live before moving forward.

The Nevada State Law applies to areas that do not set higher standards, and sets maximum allowable noise standards for daytime (7:00 AM to 7:00 PM), evening (7:00 PM to 10:00 PM), and nighttime (10:00 PM to 7:00 AM) periods.

But technically speaking Las Vegas isn’t a single city, and therefore if you live in Las Vegas you actually live in one of the following areas:

Each is part of Las Vegas, and each has its own set of ordinances, including noise pollution laws.

Fortunately, a metropolitan police department patrols all three. 

How to file a noise complaint in Las Vegas City

Noise complaints are not on the list of the top Code Enforcement complaints here. The Las Vegas City does not have strong noise pollution ordinances, perhaps because Fremont Street, lined by famous and noisy casinos, restaurants, and bars, runs through downtown Las Vegas.

However, as in any other American city, there are two very basic indications that can serve as a starting point to file a noise complaint.

  • First, remember that if the loud noise you heard may indicate a person is in distress or that a crime is being committed, you must call 911 immediately.
  • Second, for other noise complaints, you can call 311 for police non-emergency response.

On top of these two starting points, which are common to all American cities, the City of Las Vegas gives two more specific options to file a noise complaint:

  1. Option 1 – “For Code Enforcement related to noise or short-term rentals, please call 702-229-3500″. If the short-term rental is listed on Airbnb, we strongly recommend you also file a noise complaint with their own dedicated department.
  2. Option 2 – “For concerns that happen after hours or on weekends, and that require a more immediate response, please call 702-229-6444” which is the Public Safety number. These can include noisy neighbors or barking dogs.

A police officer will be dispatched to deal with the neighbors. Often police will give them only a warning at first in the hopes that the neighbors will willingly turn down the volume known as a “voluntary abatement”.

The main problem with the Las Vegas noise ordinance is that excessive noise is determined subjectively by the Code Enforcement officer rather than by a decibel measuring device.

The ordinance states:

(E) “Noise” means any useless sound which annoys or disturbs humans or which causes or tends to cause an adverse psychological or physiological effect on humans.

(F) “Noise disturbance” means any sound which is unreasonably loud, disturbing, or unnecessary or that endangers or injures the health of humans or annoys or disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensitivities.

In addition, the ordinances exempt the following:

“Noncommercial public speaking and public assembly activities that are conducted on any public right-of-way or in any public space shall be exempt from the operation of this Chapter.”

The Ordinances limit hours for excavation/demolition, deliveries, and loudspeakers. They also ban excessive noises on the streets near schools, churches, courts, and hospitals which interfere  “..with the workers or sessions thereof or persons therein.”

How to file a noise complaint in Clark County (The Strip)

The world-famous The Strip is in Clark County, an unincorporated area almost the size of New Jersey.

Most of the County is rural Nevada. As might be expected, the interests of The Strip rules in the County, and the County has little interest in noise pollution. Noise, after all, is a necessary ingredient of entertainment on The Strip.  

For example, a “noise pollution” inquiry to the County’s online  page brings this response:

Q: “Do you respond to Noise Complaints?

A: “It depends on the nature of the complaint. Our office does respond to complaints for construction noise that happens between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am. We also respond to noise issues for faulty equipment producing a high decibel level.

If you have further questions, please call the Code Enforcement Office at 702-455-4191. If you have a neighbor playing loud music and or having a party, please call the Metropolitan Police Department’s non-emergency 311 number as our office does not respond to this type of complaint.”

Animal noise

The County has an ordinance regarding loud animals which provides that “No person shall own, keep, harbor or possess any animal which, by loud or frequent habitual barking, yelping, braying, crowing or other noise, causes annoyance to the neighborhood or to any person in the vicinity.”

Call 702-229-6444 (Option 2) to complain about an animal.

Noise nuisances

To report a Nuisance Violation citizens are encouraged to call the Clark County Public Response Office at (702) 455-4191 or submit an online request at

Since the ordinance does not objectively define what reasonable noise is in dB, the police agent that’s dispatched to cover your claim will be the one to determine whether you are right or wrong. If they determine you are wrong there’s very little you can do, however, if they see things your way, the offending party might get seriously punished.

When they do, Clark County Ordinances seriously punish nuisances, including excessive noise.

The ordinance provides that a noise nuisance becomes a chronic nuisance if it occurs three times in 90 days. This triggers a letter from the sheriff warning the property owner that the nuisance must be abated by a set date or the matter will be referred to the district attorney for court action. If the owner is found guilty, the court may order that the property be closed and fine the owner up to $500 per day from the date set in the sheriff’s letter.

How to file a noise complaint in North Las Vegas

The ordinance of North Las Vegas defines excessive noise as follows: It is unlawful for any person to create noise or emit sound or cause the creation or emission thereof which is unreasonably loud, disturbing, or unnecessary and is of such character, intensity or duration as to be detrimental to the life or health of any individual, or in disturbance of the public peace and welfare.

If you feel like your situation falls under this description, you have two options to file a noise complaint:

  1. Option 1 – “For Code Enforcement related to noise or short-term rentals, please call 702-229-3500″
  2. Option 2 – “For concerns that happen after hours or on weekends, and that require a more immediate response, please call 702-229-6444” which is the Public Safety number. These can include noisy neighbors or barking dogs.

If the police officer sides with you, the offending party might face some serious sanctions, and in this case we are not talking only about money. Under the law, offenders may be punished with a $1000 fine and/or six months in jail.

Noise from short-term rentals

They also passed a unique ordinance to tightly control noise in short-term rentals. 

First, noise monitoring equipment with a minimum of a 30-day recording capability must be installed in common areas such as the pool/spa, backyard, porch, and patio.

Second, noise levels shall not exceed 65 decibels as measured at the property line of the short-term rental.

If you want to complain about noise coming from a short-term rental, remember you must call 702-229-3500. It seems to me, given the strict control measures they take, in this case you might actually have a good shot at the police fixing the problem.

Animal noise

Keep in mind that a person reporting a loud animal must give their information and possibly appear in court if civil or criminal charges are brought against the dog owner. The first complaint should be called into our 24-hour dispatch at 702-229-6444, option #2.

How to file a noise complaint against a noisy Airbnb in Las Vegas

If you want to file a noise complaint regarding a short-term rental listed on Airbnb, we recommend that you not only file your complaint with the appropriate law enforcement agency, depending on your county, but also with Airbnb directly.

Airbnb has its own support line for neighbors to file all sorts of complaints involving properties listed on their platform, and that of course includes noise complaints. Airbnb has direct contact with both the guest and the host, and actually has some leverage on the latter, so they might be able to find a solution to your situation faster than law enforcement.


I do not anticipate that strong noise ordinances will come to The Strip or Downtown. However, metropolitan Las Vegas has many parks and wildlife areas for those seeking peace and quiet.

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  1. William says:

    I called these numbers and was referred to call 311. I have been on hold for 3 hours and it is 2 30 in the morning

    • Hi William. Sorry to hear about that. 311 is the police non-emergency number, and one of the more generic alternatives when it comes to filing noise complaints. What’s interesting is that you called the other numbers and they picked up (so they exist) but they considered your claim should not be directed to them and referred you to the police non-emergency number.

      May I ask what was the source of the noise that kept you up last night?

  2. […] complaints or reports filed with the authorities, adds a layer of credibility to noise complaints. Involvement of local authorities, if necessary, establishes a formal record of the issue and ensures that legal procedures are […]

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